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Current Issue: Summer 2019
Summer 2019: Femme


June 15, 2019, to September 14, 2019

This issue gathers art, stories and ideas that each, in its own way, unfolds and even subverts the many ways that we see and understand the idea of “femme.” There is no strict definition of what it means to be femme, or what “femme” is. Rather, it’s something that encompasses a multiplicity of voices, sexualities, attitudes, forms, bodies, emotions, identities, performances and lived experiences that are also, at times, contradictory. The idea of femme is always changing, adapting, being reimagined and reinforced, and pushing back on the status quo—this is its power.

Cover Image

Zadie Xa

Mood Rings, Crystals and Opal Coloured Stones (still, detail), 2016. HD video, 21 min. Courtesy the artist. Collection Arts Council of England.



Zadie Xa’s journey through ritual, folklore and matrilineal legacies

Every Day

For artist jes sachse, straws represent a kind of freedom—from the histories of labour and the constraints of daily life

by Maandeeq Mohamed

The Showstoppers

A new generation of drag stars is changing how we think about performance art

The Current Comes from There

Ociciwan doesn’t fit the formula for contemporary art spaces in Canada. And that’s because, before anything else, Ociciwan is a values-driven organization


In Your Face

A national survey of 10 artists who find new ways to define feminism

Artist Project

The Laughing Snake

This project uses the myth of a jinn—a supernatural creature or monstrous figure in Arabian mythology—to explore the status of women and the female body in the Middle East.

by Morehshin Allahyari


Conversations with artists and curators on upcoming projects


In Fragments

by Joshua Whitehead


Transit of the Morning Star

by Liz Howard


Just Mom

My mother has never forgotten the day the nun in day school told her that she was of a dying race—these were the kinds of things that fuelled her activism


Like a Vessel

Drones, moms and menopause: video artist Stephanie Comilang and performer and musician Peaches talk about all the ways that art helps represent—and resist—gender


Recent exhibitions, books, films and more


Ways of Doing

by Françoise Sullivan


Site-Specific: Ontario

Forty percent of Canada's artist live in just one province: Ontario. Learn more about the creative scenes there—beyond the megacity—in this special section.

Summer 2019: Femme