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Everybody reads a given exhibition differently, and half the enjoyment in art comes from exploring those different points of view. Here, Canada's leading and emerging art writers respond to must-discuss exhibitions taking place across the country and overseas.

An Indigenous Feminist Defines Beauty for the Next Generation

How Tlingit artist Alison Marks challenged colonial gender roles and expectations in her recent exhibition “One Gray Hair.”

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Montreal Report: The Unresolved Echo

Three recent exhibitions offer a dialogue with the past to reflect on the present.

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In the Eye of the Storm

Caroline Monnet’s solo exhibition “Like Ships in the Night” offers new perspectives on communication.

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The Politics of the Archive

By focusing on captions in the NFB archive, Althea Thauberger shows how Canadian collections—and their curators—both conceal and reveal white privilege.

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Halifax Report: When Audiences Become Artists

A look at three projects that spur participation, and allow visitors to access art in vulnerable and intimate ways.

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Love Poems for Ceres

To pine for planets or gods is to gaze upwards. In a new book of poems and drawings, artist Alex Turgeon aims high by using a supple approach to language and line.

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Vancouver Report: Crafting a Way Out

Through felting, needlepoint, ceramics, woodwork and more, three Vancouver exhibitions offer a means of eliding the era of Big Data.

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Ottawa Report: Making Spaces Speak

Whether working with masking tapes, unstable ceramics or text messages, the artists behind these three shows create impressive immersive installations.

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Surveillance Romance

In their first major solo exhibition—and on the verge of a Berlinale spotlight—artist duo Bambitchell studies the aesthetics of camouflage.

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The Women Who Could Transform Acadian Art

Two years ago, curator Elise Anne LaPlante started a research project to make space for women excluded from the Acadian art canon.

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Difficult Intimacies

Video works by Steve Reinke, James Richards and Ellen Cantor address love, desire and the body as sacrificial material.

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Antimatter, Earthworms, Stardust—and Painting

Collaborating with contemporary physicists and ancient artists, Marina Roy explores how birth and death, beginning and end, have existed throughout painting.

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