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Nirbhaya: Performance Art at Its Most Powerful

Nirbhaya powerfully insists on the importance of bearing witness, resulting in an important piece of performance art. Benjamin Hunter reviews.

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Hyang Cho Gets Nothing Much Just Right

At Georgia Scherman Projects, minimal works by Hyang Cho deal in the aesthetics of the ordinary with extraordinary outcomes. Rosie Prata reviews.

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Liz Magor’s Accumulations

At Susan Hobbs Gallery, Liz Magor gathers a tight selection of recent works that are as much puzzles as sculptures. Bryne McLaughlin reviews.

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Black Mirror: Image and Reality in the Work of Antonia Hirsch

At Gallery TPW, Antonia Hirsch uses references to astronomy and technology to mount an exploration of inner and outer worlds. Karina Irvine reviews.

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Maria Eichhorn: X-Rated Institutional Critique

Maria Eichhorn’s show at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery in Vancouver calls attention to the mediation of sex and sexuality. Jonah Gray reviews.

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“Residue” Crowds the Vancouver Art Gallery

At the Vancouver Art Gallery, the strength of the work in “Residue: The Persistence of the Real” was often lost in the shuffle. Lee Plested reviews.

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Backgrounds and Foregrounds: William Kentridge

At Barbara Edwards Contemporary in Toronto, William Kentridge’s prints deconstruct obsolete dictionaries and encyclopedia. Richard Rhodes reviews.

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The Context of Content: Notes on the 14th Istanbul Biennial

The Istanbul Biennial comes at a time of unrest in Turkey. Merve Unsal reviews, finding an event of myth and spectacle, sitting on “ever-sliding ground.”

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Collective Groan: Three Summer Shows at the Power Plant

Three summer exhibitions at Toronto’s Power Plant by artist collectives simulate conditions of radical artmaking, but ultimately reveal hollow cores.

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Play on Words: “Stopping the Sun in its Course” Review

“Stopping the Sun in its Course” brings together Canadian artists in Los Angeles, continuing the West Coast interest in wordplay. Gabrielle Moser reviews.

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Josh Thorpe’s “Bees” Infiltrate the Napoleonic Museum

At the Napoleonic Museum in Rome, Josh Thorpe’s sound works, text installations and screenprints bring a touch of nature into the site’s historic rooms.

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Into the Woods and Beyond with Gary Evans

In “Ghost Host” at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, veteran painter Gary Evans expands into collage with impressive results. Richard Rhodes reviews.

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