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Everybody reads a given exhibition differently, and half the enjoyment in art comes from exploring those different points of view. Here, Canada's leading and emerging art writers respond to must-discuss exhibitions taking place across the country and overseas.

Dominique Rey’s Veneration of a Disappearing Sisterhood

In “Under the Rose Arch,” Dominique Rey documents an order of Catholic nuns facing the threat of extinction in a manner closer to veneration than elegy.

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Krista Belle Stewart Weaves an Alternate History

At the New Gallery in Calgary, Krista Belle Stewart dug into archival materials, revealing flaws in the processes of making images and documenting history.

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Rashaad Newsome Goes for Baroque

In Rashaad Newsome’s first Canadian exhibition at AGYU, he proves that art can offer valuable insights through its delight in the sensual and spectacular.

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Sophie Jodoin Turns a Forensic Eye to the Poetic

Sophie Jodoin applies an investigative focus to objects at Battat Contemporary, questioning how meaning is created in a world of disparate symbols.

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Isabell Spengler and the Lure of Niagara Falls

At Trinity Square Video, Isabell Spengler traces the attraction to Niagara Falls, and the ultimate disappointment that accompanies sites of cultural myth.

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Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay Spins a Yarn

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay takes a puckish stance in his audio guide at POLIN in Warsaw, offering a potent mix of fact and fiction. R.M. Vaughan reviews.

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Socially Engaged Art Takes Centre Stage in Okwui Enwezor’s “All the World’s Futures”

Okwui Enwezor’s “All the World’s Futures” at the Venice Biennale offers an alternative to the market-oriented, media-darling art world of the past decade.

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Corinne Thiessen’s Collapsing Trees Mount a Warning

At the Esker Foundation, Corinne Thiessen’s collapsing trees underscore our reliance on natural resources and the devastating effects of this dependency.

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Scott Billings Hopes for a Soft Landing

In his recent project at Wil Aballe Art Projects, Scott Billings dropped 13 feet through a trap door, tapping into the existential elements of falling.

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Divya Mehra and Talk Is Cheap: Our Broken Tongues

In “Between Us” in Banff, Divya Mehra and Talk is Cheap evoke language’s in-betweens, and the impossibilities of translation. Steven Cottingham reviews.

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Ron Tran Plays Shopkeeper

In “The Kitchen Garden at Home/Store,” Ron Tran takes on the role of shopkeeper, amassing objects and display supports from nearby Chinatown stores.

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Angela Grossmann Collages Female Empowerment

In “Models of Resistance,” Angela Grossmann photographs female figures collaged of odd body parts in a surprisingly empowering fashion.

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