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Everybody reads a given exhibition differently, and half the enjoyment in art comes from exploring those different points of view. Here, Canada's leading and emerging art writers respond to must-discuss exhibitions taking place across the country and overseas.

Can Online Art Escape the Internet?

“Beautiful Interfaces” asks viewers to consider the privacy we sacrifice every time we log on to the Internet. Haley Mlotek reviews.

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When Postpartum Depression Becomes Performance Art

Through her recent performances and installations, Winnipeg artist Sarah Anne Johnson pays homage to her grandmother, who suffered from PPD—and much worse.

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The Secret Life of a North Korean Defector Artist

Storytelling takes centre stage at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in Toronto, including a moving documentary about a dissident North Korean artist.

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What Mapplethorpe Means to a Young Queer Artist

A new Mapplethorpe film debuts April 4 on HBO Canada. How well has the artist’s controversial work aged for a younger generation?

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MashUp: A Bright Show with a Dark Heart

David Balzer reviews the Vancouver Art Gallery’s “MashUp,” making a case for the value of slow criticism in a culture that’s often all too quick to pick sides.

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On the Prescience of Jerry Pethick

The late west-coast artist was a cult figure in his time. Now, his work feels as if it had time-travelled from the present.

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Isabel Nolan at Mercer Union: When Seeing is Disbelieving

A Toronto exhibition—travelling soon to Vancouver—critiques the emphasis that most humans place on sight, to the detriment of other senses.

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Ragnar Kjartansson’s Doomed Quest for Beauty in Montreal

The North American premiere of Ragnar Kjartansson’s “opera without divas” happened in Montreal this week. Here, a Polaris Prize juror offers his take.

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: What “Showroom” Gets Wrong about Toronto’s Art Scene

“Showroom”—framed as a survey of Toronto artists—is a monocultural show that fails to account for the city’s diversity, writes Gabrielle Moser.

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What Is the New Newfoundland Dream?

Plummeting oil prices and economic anxiety are changing Newfoundland’s idea of itself yet again, Lisa Moore writes. But artists help put the flux in focus.

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On the Parent-Shaped Hole in the Art World

Does your local art gallery provide child care? Can a kid’s bedtime routine double as performance art? A new exhibition tests these questions, and more.

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Review: Ana Mendieta’s Lost Films at Galerie Lelong, New York

Nine never-before-seen films by Ana Mendieta are on view at Galerie Lelong, revealing the late artist’s pointed use of blood. Haley Mlotek reviews.

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