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Smart Art Films Merge Reality & Fiction

Slices of unscripted, everyday life meld with highly structured, staged cinematography in Canadian artist Mark Lewis’s latest films.

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Textiles Get Tactical at Gallery 101

An artist-run centre with a focus on social practice, Ottawa’s Gallery 101 took up the nexus of art and activism in its latest exhibition.

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Framing Devices: Tomorrow Gallery Moves to New York with “Eternal September”

Once a Toronto fixture, Tomorrow Gallery recently relocated to New York, presenting the cyber-inspired “Eternal September.

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Ginsberg Glimpses: A Tour of the Beat Poet’s Portrait Photographs

The University of Toronto now holds the world’s largest collection of photographs from beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

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Black Diamond Dust: Industry and Labour

From utopian outposts to mining archives, Nanaimo Art Gallery’s multi-venue group show “Black Diamond Dust” takes a hard look at the power …

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When Real Wars Become Virtual Games

Using deadpan documentary techniques, Harun Farocki’s Toronto show exposes how deadly warfare has become influenced by video games.

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