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Marcel Dzama Does the Dance at David Zwirner

Is the Winnipeg-born art star succumbing to an unproductive nostalgia for his youth? Mike Vass examines Dzama’s current New York show.

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TBD: Whither the Contemporary Art Museum?

MOCCA’s lease will run out soon—a crisis it takes up in “TBD,” a show where artists propose and critique ideas about art museums.

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Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: A Modernist Romance

Melding romantic idealism with traditions of minimalist and modernist sculpture, Sciarrino’s most recent solo show charmed and impressed, …

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Hyung Min Yoon: From Page to Screen

When a 1515 prayer book by Dürer is reworked as a 2014 political-joke film by Yoon, what does that say about our era? Michael Turner …

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Music as Celebration, and Resistance, in Montreal

Angelica Mesiti’s moving portrayal of four musicians far from home touched the heart this summer at MACM, Isa Tousignant writes.

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Risky Survey Homes in On Art & Design Boundary Breakers

Charles Hill’s curatorial finale for the NGC included a piano designed by an architect, book covers by painters, and jewellery by a …

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