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Everybody reads a given exhibition differently, and half the enjoyment in art comes from exploring those different points of view. Here, Canada's leading and emerging art writers respond to must-discuss exhibitions taking place across the country and overseas.

Ottawa Report: New Romantics, Old Punks

From a survey of early intersectional videos to a series of new fabric sculptures meant to be touched, Ottawa is showing both its tough and tender sides.

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Vancouver Report: Behind the Screen

By compiling online comments into books and translating Seventeen magazine headlines into bead art, Vancouver artists lift the veil on medium as message.

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The Life That Georgia O’Keeffe Built

The famed American painter could create a world just as well as she could capture one. A new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario shows how.

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When Nature Becomes a Curatorial Commodity

Canada is known for its dependence on resource extraction. Can we discuss that history without exploiting the landscape anew?

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Halifax Report: Minimal-ish

Immersive environments, achieved either through excess or extreme paring down, are dominating Halifax’s art scene at the moment, writes Amanda Shore.

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Painted Grapes and Primal Cream

Claire Greenshaw’s new show looks at the timelessness of drawing, using bawdy puns and art-historical allusions stretching from Blombos Cave to Sarah Lucas.

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How One Toronto Artist is Critiquing Putin’s Reign

Felix Kalmenson gathered materials for a critical art installation during his first return to his Russian birthplace in 27 years.

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Montreal’s All-Night Underground Art Maze

In Montreal, a subterranean network of passages links shopping malls and office buildings. Art Souterrain transforms them into a playground for art.

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Winnipeg Report: The Slippage of Memory

Proust had his madeleine—and Winnipeg artists have their crocheted blankets, deli sandwiches and collaborative performances.

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Vancouver Report: From Black and White to Coloured Lights

When Vancouver skies are overcast, exhibitions about darkness and obfuscation seem all the more relevant.

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A Fast Shutter for Slow Violence: The Art of Thaddeus Holownia

How Thaddeus Holownia’s extended—and often quiet-seeming—photographic portraits actually capture the slow violence wreaking havoc with our planet.

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“Vancouver Special” and the Issue with Local Surveys

The Vancouver Art Gallery’s new triennial raises several questions, especially: how is “local” defined in shows like these, and is it time to reconsider?

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