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Fall 2016
Fall 2016: Satellites

Available on newsstands from September 15 to December 14, 2016


Kathy Goes to Toronto A 1979 visit to Toronto by post-punk literary legend Kathy Acker resulted in mutual strokes of influence by Jason McBride About Land An Indigenous perspective on the contested land of Palestine by Wanda Nanibush Spotlight A series of 12 profiles of international artists with Canadian ties: Ryan Foerster, Sascha Braunig, Kapwani Kiwanga, Vejas Kruszewski, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Marie-Michelle Deschamps, Julien Ceccaldi, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Tamara Henderson, Brent Wadden, Rochelle Goldberg, and Nicolas Grenier Generously supported by RBC Emerging Artists Project Artist Project Soft Film by Sara Cwynar The Next Art School An investigation into the recent turmoil and structural changes at NSCAD University by Mike Landry The State We’re In Wolfgang Tillmans and Tom McDonough consider three photographs Vancouver at the Movies A case for expanding Vancouver’s defining mode of art production beyond photoconceptualism by Aaron Peck


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Culture Club On the concept of the “Canadian mafia” by Durga Chew-Bose


Slasher Mary The Canadian-born suffragette who committed a historic act of art vandalism by Adam Lauder


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The Revenant (Excerpt) by Moyra Davey
Fall 2016: Satellites