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Reviews / April 19, 2016

Drawn Criticism: An Art Review in Pictures

Canadian artist and critic Sholem Krishtalka reviews a visceral Berlin art exhibition in 17 hand-drawn panels.


Note from the editor:

For the past three years, Canadian artist and critic Sholem Krishtalka has been documenting his life in the drawing project A Berlin Diary, available on Tumblr.

Now, in 17 hand-drawn panels, he documents his recent reflections on “Günter Brus: Zones of Disruption,” an exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin.

This exhibition has a special resonance with Krishtalka’s work, as Austrian artist Brus often used his own body and image in his work as well.

01-Gunter Brus

02-Gunter Brus

03-Gunter Brus

04-Gunter Brus

05-Gunter Brus

06-Gunter Brus

07-Gunter Brus

08-Gunter Brus

09-Gunter Brus

10-Gunter Brus

11-Gunter Brus

12-Gunter Brus

13-Gunter Brus

14-Gunter Brus

15-Gunter Brus

19-Gunter Brus

17-Gunter Brus



Sholem Krishtalka

Sholem Krishtalka is an artist currently living in Berlin. His work has been shown in Canada, the US and Europe. Recent exhibitions include “Them” (Perrotin Gallery, New York) and “Sex Life” (SAW Gallery, Ottawa). Upcoming exhibitions include “Intimacy: Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond” (Schwules Museum, Berlin).