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Reviews / April 19, 2016

Drawn Criticism: An Art Review in Pictures

Canadian artist and critic Sholem Krishtalka reviews a visceral Berlin art exhibition in 17 hand-drawn panels.


Note from the editor:

For the past three years, Canadian artist and critic Sholem Krishtalka has been documenting his life in the drawing project A Berlin Diary, available on Tumblr.

Now, in 17 hand-drawn panels, he documents his recent reflections on “Günter Brus: Zones of Disruption,” an exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin.

This exhibition has a special resonance with Krishtalka’s work, as Austrian artist Brus often used his own body and image in his work as well.

01-Gunter Brus

02-Gunter Brus

03-Gunter Brus

04-Gunter Brus

05-Gunter Brus

06-Gunter Brus

07-Gunter Brus

08-Gunter Brus

09-Gunter Brus

10-Gunter Brus

11-Gunter Brus

12-Gunter Brus

13-Gunter Brus

14-Gunter Brus

15-Gunter Brus

19-Gunter Brus

17-Gunter Brus