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What Now: A Reconsideration of Futures

Our Winter 2017 issue is themed on “Futures.” How is our relationship with futurity changing? The short answer: we are living what’s next, now.

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Little but Luxe: 5 Remarkable Boxwood Carvings

An AGO show highlights incredibly detailed boxwood carvings made all the more fascinating by their illustrious owners, from Henry VIII to Baron Rothschild.

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The Future of NSCAD University

The Halifax institution faces financial turmoil, rising tuition fees and controversial restructuring—a situation echoed in art schools across North America.

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6 New Montreal Art Spaces to Watch

Montreal has a long history of DIY spaces, but a new generation places an increasing emphasis on international networking.

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Julien Ceccaldi: Foolish Romantic

Montreal-born Julien Ceccaldi is based in LA and has been on the cover of Artforum, but his comics are still deeply queer, and committed to pathos.

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Famous for Six Seconds

Vine’s closure prompts a query: why are its short video loops, created predominantly by adolescents of colour, deemed dispensable and outside of the canon?

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On Board Culture and Rule Breaking

An exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery looks at Indigenous relationships with the land that come through snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing.

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Video: In the Studio with Tau Lewis

Self-taught Toronto sculptor Tau Lewis talks about her representations of black identity, which redress the dissociation between black bodies and nature.

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RBC Painting Competition Winner Brian Hunter Talks Process

Early on, Brian Hunter pushed beyond the traditional boundaries of painting. But his shift to exploring possibilities within tradition made him a winner.

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#WelcomeToBlackhurst: Curating a Black History of Toronto

“Welcome to Blackhurst” is a unique group exhibition that pays tribute to the life of Toronto’s black diaspora. Find out more in this curator interview.

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Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: Art Can Be Activism

Anyone who thinks that art can’t affect politics—or that activist art can’t win widespread recognition—should learn about Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

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Can You Really Marie-Kondo an Art Practice?

Shrinking studio space in Toronto other cities is forcing more artists to downsize and declutter. But what are the costs of letting old art go?

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