Every week, hundreds of galleries and museums across Canada host innumerable exhibitions, artist talks, screenings and other events. Our must-sees, published each Thursday, sum up our editors’ not-to-be-missed shows and art events from Vancouver Island to St. John’s.

10 Thoughts on Why Nuit Blanche Has Triumphed—and Tanked—Across Canada

Over the past decade, Nuit Blanche-style events have spread from BC to Nova Scotia—what are the pros and cons of …

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Geoffrey James: Inside Kingston Penitentiary

An interview with the photographer who spent six months shooting one of Canada’s most notorious prisons for a new book and exhibition.

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Nicholas Pye and Sheila Pye: Artists Together, and Apart

Nicholas Pye and Sheila Pye, long-time multi-media collaborators and former life partners, would like you to know something, one very …

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Islamic Treasure House: The Aga Khan Museum

John Bentley Mays looks at the about-to-open Toronto museum dedicated to historic and contemporary Islamic arts, unique in North America.

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Infinite Playlist: Eleanor King has an Ear for Objects

Sound runs through Eleanor King’s work like a heartbeat.

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Garry Neill Kennedy: Taking it to the Banks

In a recent Berlin installation, Kennedy rejigged the logos of Canada’s big banks to critical effect.

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