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Our features go in-depth on vital artists, exhibitions and movements shaping Canada’s cultural scene. Want to understand the deep background on what you see at the galleries? This is the place to start reading.

On the Road with Daniel Joyce: British Columbia

Daniel Joyce finishes his Canadian road trip with a stop in British Columbia, which, surprisingly, brings back memories of the art community in Halifax.

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Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier: Brainn Trrustt

Winnipeg artists Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier—nominees for last year’s Sobey Award—work together on projects including wryly illustrated bookworks.

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Robert Fones: Continuous Forms

Sarah Robayo Sheridan assesses Toronto artist Robert Fones’s long-standing involvement with letters, arguing that his focus has found a new urgency.

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Karen Kraven’s Top Tabs

Karen Kraven shares a few of her favourite links: the history of synthetic fabrics, napkin art and a film about just how long it takes to make a bucket.

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The Apartment: Vancouver’s Changing Scene

Michael Turner recounts the history of the Apartment, an influential Vancouver gallery that helped to launch an eastward shift in the city’s art scene.

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Jon Rafman: Sobey Finalist Slideshow

Sobey Art Award finalist Jon Rafman’s work probes the perverse and darkly hilarious corners of the Internet.

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Robert Smithson’s Vancouver Sojourn: Glue Pour, 1970

Adam Lauder reappraises Robert Smithson‘s Glue Pour project, noting its resonance with wider narratives of Vancouver art and Conceptual art’s history.

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Hito Steyerl: A Primer

Brush up on the internationally renowned work of German artist Hito Steyerl, who will be giving a talk for the Canadian Art Foundation later this fall.

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Abbas Akhavan: Sobey Finalist Slideshow

Sobey Art Award finalist Abbas Akhavan’s installation art offers a thoughtful, occasionally mournful, interrogation of our habits of perception.

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Marlon Griffith’s Ring of Fire Documentation

Nicholas Brown reports from Trinidadian artist Marlon Griffith’s Ring of Fire, a 300-person procession that passed through downtown Toronto.

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On the Road with Daniel Joyce: Alberta

Daniel Joyce’s cross-Canada trip takes him into Alberta, where booming changes in Edmonton and Calgary signal a widespread cultural renaissance.

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Juan Ortiz-Apuy’s Top Tabs

Juan Ortiz-Apuy shares some of his favourite Internet haunts: an online cabinet of curiosities, experimental radio programs and a couple of weird websites.

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