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Our features go in-depth on vital artists, exhibitions and movements shaping Canada’s cultural scene. Want to understand the deep background on what you see at the galleries? This is the place to start reading.

11 Projects to See at the Contact Photography Festival

Found photos, urban bouquets, decolonial interventions and much more—here’s what to catch at Toronto’s month-long, city-wide event.

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Video: In the Studio with Kent Monkman

“I wanted to address history painting directly with these narratives—these missing narratives—from art history that speak about Indigenous experience.”

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On Becoming My Mother

Vivek Shraya reflects on her photo essay Trisha one year after its release, and on how collaboration can be crucial to “individual” artmaking.

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Songs from Rockwood Asylum

A musician’s investigation into case files of female inmates at Canada’s first asylum for the criminally insane reveals biases in the archive.

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Hotboxing the White Cube: The Rise of Cannabis Culture in High Art

Pot is more visible than ever in North American pop culture. And it’s reaching into contemporary art, too.

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Making Space in Indigenous Art for Bull Dykes and Gender Weirdos

It’s about time for the Indigenous art canon to create a space for gender-variant and sexually diverse voices. They’ve been mostly excluded for decades.

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How Radical Can a Film Festival Be?

On the 30th anniversary of Images, Toronto’s first experimental film festival, its director wonders if identity and formalism must be mutually exclusive.

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Howie Tsui’s Subversive, Epic New Work

In a sprawling video projection at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Howie Tsui explores the martial-arts genre that shaped him—and the city in which he was born.

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Art in Condoland

Development mania across Canada is marked by eye-catching public art. But what makes such works successful? No one, it seems, can quite agree.

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We Have Never Been “Post-AIDS”

A look at five artists from a new generation who explore alternative readings of HIV/AIDS, activism and resistance.

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Suzanne Hill’s Art of Isolation

This veteran New Brunswick artist has spent five years thinking about aloneness—and, unexpectedly, it’s inspired collaboration.

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A Work That Could Resist Documenta’s Crisis Tourism

Zoja Smutny’s performance developed in Toronto as a space for encounter. This summer, it will test the limits of “crisis tourism” in Athens.

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