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Our features go in-depth on vital artists, exhibitions and movements shaping Canada’s cultural scene. Want to understand the deep background on what you see at the galleries? This is the place to start reading.

Public Art: It’s (Still) A Man’s World

It’s 2016. And for some reason, most public art commissions in Canada are still going to men.

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11 Powerful Artifacts from the Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto

A meal tray from the Queen West Mental Health Centre, an electroshock sales brochure, a petition against adding PMS to the DSM—all tell potent stories.

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Are Conservative Approaches to Indigenous Art Working Against Us?

Despite claims to radically different curating approaches in Indigenous art, the usual canon-building method is common—especially at big museums.

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Why the White Cube Can Never Be a Nightclub

Many museums and galleries have been holding nightclub-style events in an attempt to win new audiences. This transformation is tough, Merray Gerges writes.

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David Balzer’s Top Pick at Canadian Art’s Gala Auction

Shannon Bool’s multiple, fraught ideas of beauty make her artwork Iman’s a top pick for editor-in-chief David Balzer at Canadian Art’s upcoming auction.

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Is the Still Life Still Alive?

A recent artist residency at the Banff Centre questioned the status of the still-life genre. Caoimhe Morgan-Feir reports.

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Kym Greeley and the New Newfoundland Painting

Kym Greeley chose St. John’s over New York—but she pushes back against nostalgic notions of Newfoundland as a red-haired child running through a field.

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Richard Ibghy and Marliou Lemmens and the Art of Underperforming

How do you value time or action? What constitutes work? These are some of the questions that Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens parse in their art.

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Jessica Bradley’s Top Pick for Canadian Art’s Gala Auction

Contemporary art expert Jessica Bradley is entranced by a Liz Magor work that offers “a real sculpture, a real cigarette, an unreal pairing.”

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Notes Towards an In(con)clusive Identity Politics

How can you ever be yourself in the art world when your self is a neocolonial commodity?

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Video: Liz Magor in Her Studio

Renowned Vancouver artist Liz Magor talks about her process in this video from PBS’s ART21 series.

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Watch UK Street Artist Phlegm Create an 8-Storey Mural in Toronto

UK street artist Phlegm spent a month transforming a 12-storey building in Toronto with a black-and-white mural that uses images of the city’s architecture.

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