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Our features go in-depth on vital artists, exhibitions and movements shaping Canada’s cultural scene. Want to understand the deep background on what you see at the galleries? This is the place to start reading.

Jeff Bierk and the Thorny Issue of Exploitation

Toronto artist Jeff Bierk collaborates with Toronto’s poor and homeless. Are the resulting photographs emancipatory, or exploitative?

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A Fortune Isn’t a Future: Bennie Allain’s New Brunswick Tarot

Fredericton artist Bennie Allain’s new tarot deck is full of conflicting forces—just like the ones most New Brunswick artists have to deal with.

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6 New Toronto Art Spaces to Watch

Basements, commercial buildings and even old air-conditioner repair shops are playing host to a new generation of emerging artists in Toronto.

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Luminato and the Hearn: A Critical Discussion

Response to Luminato’s new venue, the Hearn Generation Station, has been largely positive. But there’s a big accessibility problem—and that’s just to start.

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Toronto Art’s Queer, Punk Past

Move over, Pictures Generation: 1980s appropriation art was invented in Toronto. Find out why in Philip Monk’s book Is Toronto Burning?

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GothShakira: Montreal’s High Priestess of Dank Feminist Memery

GothShakira’s Instagram shares intimate, yet relatable, narratives, lamenting misogynist men, referencing bell hooks and flaunting her astrology expertise.

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Is a New Show about Picasso’s Muses Sexist?

“Picasso: The Artist and His Muses” is the most significant exhibition of Picasso’s work ever presented in Vancouver, but is the framing inescapably sexist?

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My Body Is the City: Larissa Fassler’s Feminist Geographies

Observing daily city life is the foundation of Larissa Fassler’s practice. Throughout, the Berlin-based Canadian artist performs a type of spatial feminism.

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Svea Ferguson’s Top Tabs: All the Words, and All the Feels

Calgary artist Svea Ferguson is known for evocative wall works and sculptures in cut linoleum and vinyl. Here are five websites that inspire her practice.

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Mitch Mitchell Turns Family Secrets into Art

Repetitive labour has long been used in some cultures to exorcise past trauma. Mitch Mitchell connects the practice to printmaking, with profound results.

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Of Panama Papers and Poetry: Jacob Wren on Rich and Poor

“I’m living in capitalism while also wanting to see it change,” Montreal performance artist and writer Jacob Wren says of his newest novel, Rich and Poor.

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New AGNS CEO: Audiences More Vital Than Architecture

Libraries have adapted to people’s needs better than a lot of museums have, says Nancy Noble, new director of Atlantic Canada’s biggest art museum.

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