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Our features go in-depth on vital artists, exhibitions and movements shaping Canada’s cultural scene. Want to understand the deep background on what you see at the galleries? This is the place to start reading.

Montreal Artist Opens a Concert Hall—In Her Uterus

Dayna McLeod speaks about the grand opening of her Uterine Concert Hall, a small but “flexible and expandable” venue that wittily critiques sexism and bias.

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Artists Pay Homage to Western Canada’s Gay Bar History

In the mid-1980s, Calgary had 18 gay restaurants, bars, baths and cafes. By 2014, there were only three. Artists Kegan McFadden and Mark Clintberg discuss.

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The Floor Hits Back: Talking Dance With Brendan Fernandes

Returning to his initial training as a dancer, Brendan Fernandes continues to explore the ways that identity is not static, but enacted.

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Theaster Gates Builds a House Museum

Chicago artist and urban planner Theaster Gates reflects on his remarkable new exhibition about the politics of remembering at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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Mathieu Léger: Pushing the Boundaries of Acadie

Meet a Moncton artist who is the antithesis of a stay-at-home creator. His work navigates belonging and diaspora, finding audiences at home and overseas.

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Big Museum on the Prairie: The Remai Modern and Saskatoon

The Remai Modern is Saskatoon’s flashy new museum. But the city has a longstanding, active visual-art community. How are the two coexisting?

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#BlackLivesCDNSyllabus Uncovers A Vital Archive

#BlackLivesCDNSyllabus, a crowdsourced anti-oppression project, has some great reads from old art mags. What is its impact in the art world and beyond?

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I Want to Be Instagram Famous, and Elena Soboleva Wants to Help Me

The quest for art fame on Instagram can be elusive, so we got Artsy curator (and avid Instagram user) Elena Soboleva to give us her best art-selfie tips.

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Fight for your Data—And Other Ways to Design the Future

Gesche Joost, a designer and advisor to the EU, chats in Toronto about ways to fight the growing digital divide and create a more inclusive tech future.

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Hacking the Canon

Wikipedia is the Internet’s most widely used resource. But where are the women? Art and Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thons are trying to bring more in.

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Slut Island: Montreal’s Queer Feminist DIY Haven

Founded in 2013, Slut Island pushes back against music-festival mainstream. Here, festival co-founder Ethel Eugene shares thoughts on this week’s launch.

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Yvonne Mullock and the New Stampede Aesthetics

What is it like to be a printmaking assistant to a horse? One Calgary artist found out when she staged this warm and witty reframing of cowboy culture.

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