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Videos / December 8, 2015

Rodney Graham in His Studio

In this studio visit, Rodney Graham reflects on his performative artwork, the characters he has inhabited and his decision to part ways with photography.

In this studio visit, filmed for Tate Modern in London, artist Rodney Graham reflects on his performative artwork in which he plays the “actor-producer.” He discusses the characters he has taken on, and his most recent work Artists in Artist’s Bar, which he expects to be the last time he will work with photography. Tate holds 15 of Graham’s artworks in their permanent collection, including Fishing on a Jetty (2000) and How I Became a Ramblin’ Man (1999).

Rodney Graham also achieved public-art approval last week in his hometown of Vancouver for Torqued Chandelier, a five-metre tall, 18th century–style lighting sculpture. In keeping with the Vancouver City Council’s real-estate code that requires mandatory public-art funding of a value related to the size of the building, the work will be paid for, installed and maintained by property developers Westbank. The chandelier will turn, ascending and descending from the Granville Street Bridge where it will be installed at some point in the near future.