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Panel Video: Painting and Materiality in Vancouver

In the past decade, a number of younger painters—many of them based in or connected to Vancouver—have taken fresh new approaches to the materials and methods of painting.

Some of these artists have substituted expanses of sewn and dyed fabric for paint, or decided to paint on fuzzy wool rugs rather than tight, right-angled canvases.

Others have dried paint into long, skinny strings and crocheted them into wall works, or have piled layers of paint together into cubes to create works that come across as more sculptural than painterly.

View a conversation between four of these innovative artists—Colleen Heslin, Emily Hill, Jeremy Hof and Angela Teng.

The discussion was moderated by influential Vancouver painter and Emily Carr University associate professor Elizabeth McIntosh, who taught or interacted with many of these artists when they were students.

This panel on the topic of “Painting and Materiality” was organized by Canadian Art’s Gallery Hop Vancouver. It took place at the Vancouver Art Gallery on April 12, 2014.

Canadian Art’s Gallery Hop Vancouver is an annual event offering a free day of art talks, tours and celebration. Our Gallery Hops also happen annually in Toronto and Montreal. All are produced with thanks to RBC, the presenting partner of our Gallery Hop program.

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