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Features / March 20, 2008

Trevor Gould: Revenge of the Primate People

Trevor Gould "I am an Ape-man" 2008 Installation view

In a world where social norms are determined by a strict adherence to the status quo, it is often the uneasy presence of an erratic, unfamiliar or otherwise abnormal figure or circumstance that leaves a truly lasting impression. The Montreal artist Trevor Gould takes up this deviant notion in “I am an Ape-man,” an exhibition of new sculptures and installation works on view at Galerie Lilian Rodriguez. It’s an off-kilter assemblage that mixes animal and human forms in a sort of historical cosmology of cultural space. As Gould writes, “From the Albino chimp to the figure with three faces and the artificial grouping of all the yellow birds from Quebec, the play of the abnormal, a whirl of wind, a turn of the head, a hole in a form, ripples in a pool of water each identify a certain context for contemplation of a melancholic and somewhat aberrant world.” (405-372 rue Ste-Catherine O, Montreal QC)