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Lorna Bauer: Cycle of Return

Lorna Bauer was one of the standouts in this year’s crop of graduates from the University of Toronto Masters of Visual Studies program. Her new exhibition, “Cycle of Return,” in part means a return to Montreal, where she took an earlier fine arts degree at Concordia University. The show represents a report back on the work made in Toronto and an update of the dramatic visual sensibility she showed in her earlier videos. Kaleidoscope (Desiring Dualisms) in particular is worth noting. In the video, we see the artist in a winter landscape holding a rifle and aiming in our direction. With the first shot and a shattering of glass, the view is revealed as a mirroring image that begins to fracture and disintegrate with each succeeding rifle shot. But just as the geometry of the shoot becomes apparent, the process is reversed and the image slowly reintegrates in a second mirror. It’s a video about destructions and new beginnings. (372 rue Ste-Catherine O #527, Montreal QC)

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