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Eric Cameron: Thick, Thicker, Thickest

Eric Cameron Strings Eternal V (88) 2002–2008

Eric Cameron has created a remarkable body of process-determined conceptual art objects. The veteran Canadian artist is best known for his Thick Paintings in which everyday objects—an alarm clock, a beer bottle, a book of matches, a head of lettuce—are subjected to repeated layerings of gesso (some up to 10,000). This transforms them into weird and unlikely new forms that, layer by layer, are carefully annotated in the artist’s files. With echoes of Marcel Duchamp and modern monochrome abstraction, it’s a well-received approach that has brought Cameron wide curatorial kudos.

In this compact survey of his working methods, the artist’s trademark Thick Paintings process is complemented by Sellotape and Process Paintings, dating from the 1960s, that offer illuminating provenance for his practice. (105-999 8 St SW, Calgary AB)

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