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Features / December 11, 2007

“1973: Sorry, Out of Gas” in Montreal

Düsseldorf-Wuppertal interchange during a driving ban, Germany, 15 November 1973 photo © KPA/dpa

As pressing concerns about diminishing energy resources dominate current political, economic, cultural and social agendas worldwide, the Canadian Centre for Architecture takes a prescient look back at “the new reality” of energy shortfalls with the exhibition “1973: Sorry Out of Gas.” In an unprecedented collision of unchecked demand and controlled supply, the 1973 oil crisis sent the global economy into panic, setting off a chain of political and social interventions that realigned expectations of economic growth and set off a radical shift toward energy-saving measures and reduced consumption. This was the new age of mass-market solar power and gas-saving automobiles, among other power-conscious innovations. Curated by the CCA’s Mirko Zardini and Giovanna Borasi, the exhibition gathers more than 350 objects, including photographs, books, archival television footage and architectural drawings, that detail the history of the crisis as well as the varied responses. All things considered, it’s a telling display of lessons learned, and forgotten. To April 20. (1920, rue Baile, Montreal, QC.)

Bryne McLaughlin

Bryne McLaughlin is Deputy Editor at Canadian Art.