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Fall 2017
Fall 2017: The Idea of History

Available on newsstands from September 15 to December 14, 2017


Haunted House
The Museum of Fear and Wonder pays tribute to the enduring appeal of the uncanny
by Eve Thomas
Passing Through
As Grafton Tyler Brown moved across the Pacific Northwest, his identity changed from Black to white
by Caoimhe Morgan-Feir
The Women Running the Show
Black women curators shape a distinct conversation—responsive to the unique experiences of the Black diaspora
by Yaniya Lee
Deuxième Déportation
Acadian artists bring attention to an ongoing story of expropriation
by Rémi Belliveau
Generously supported by Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation

Spectres of René Payant
An influential Quebec critic is remembered through his marginalia
by Vincent Bonin

Take Back the Streets
Indigenous street art rejects the colonial restrictions of the institutional art world
by Laurence Desmarais and Camille Larivée
The Diaspora That Never Happened
Searching for portraiture in the archives of the Komagata Maru
by Aaditya Aggarwal
A Surrealist in the Gaspésie
In 1944, André Breton retreated to Quebec to write his wartime manifesto, Arcanum 17
by Jonah Samson
The Archive Acts Up
Digital archives reassemble and resist the standard histories of queer communities
by Evan Pavka
In Visible Colours
Revisiting a groundbreaking film and video festival made for and by women of colour late in 1980s Vancouver
Rosemary Heather in conversation with Zainub Verjee
This Woman’s Work
Women sculptors use industrial materials to render visible the weight of hidden labour
by Ginger Carlson
We Lost an Entire Generation
Indigenous peoples remain ghettoized within, or absent from, what we term AIDS art
by Lindsay Nixon
Voyage of a Lady
The story of a Nazi-looted painting’s Hamilton sojourn
by Blair Mlotek

This Issue


Upcoming openings, events, performances and more


A Play of History
by Luis Jacob


Thursday (A Grand Total)
by Damian Rogers


The Group of Eight
by Katharine Lochnan and Sarah Stanners

Artist Project

The Long Doorway
by Deanna Bowen


Looking Back
A national survey of 10 artists whose works reinvent history
by Amanda Shore
Generously supported by RBC 


Recent exhibitions, books, films and more


The Halifax Conference
by Craig Leonard 


The subtitle for the article “We Lost an Entire Generation” on page 138 of the Fall 2017 print edition erroneously suggested that the artist Archer Pechawis is deceased, an inaccuracy that was repeated in the “This Issue” text on page 18. We deeply regret the error and apologize for any grief or harm that this has caused Mr. Pechawis and his family. We also apologize to Lindsay Nixon, the author of this article and our Indigenous editor-at-large, for the mistake introduced after the fact-checking process.

Fall 2017: The Idea of History