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Angela Grauerholz: The Complexity of Simplicity

The Montreal photographer Angela Grauerholz has had a long and distinguished career. In this new exhibition of recent work she returns to early form with delicate images of interior spaces, albeit photographed this time in sumptuous colour. Her focus is the dynamics of objects within their surroundings: the pattern of a drape matching nearby wallpaper, the ambiguous silhouette of touching chairs, the arrangement of tables in a room.

Each image has a fleetness to it, a honing in on the potential for mystery in the midst of the banal. It is a snapshot aesthetic elevated to meditative poetry. In comparison to the large-format, constructed photography that has come to be the norm in current photographic practice, Grauerholz stands out by opting for the complexity of simplicity. (372 rue Ste-Catherine O #220, Montreal QC)

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