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Videos / August 15, 2016

Liz Magor in Her Studio

Renowned Vancouver artist Liz Magor talks about her process in this video from PBS’s ART21 series.

“Art isn’t a material. It’s not a medium—it’s not a certain product. It is the choices I’ve been able to make.”

So says renowned Vancouver-based sculptor Liz Magor, as she whittles down a plaster sculpture while a studio assistant trims fur off a teddy bear. This preview, from the upcoming series of PBS’s Art in the Twenty-First Century, offers a glimpse into Magor’s studio, which will be included in an episode that focuses on artists’ relationships with the cities in which they live. Alongside Magor, Brian Jungen and Jeff Wall will be included in the show’s Vancouver section.

Magor will appear in episode four of the eighth season, which is hosted by Claire Danes and premieres September 16, 2016. Her current retrospective at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal continues until September 5, 2016, and is reviewed in Canadian Art’s Fall 2016 issue, which is on newsstands September 15.