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News / October 1, 2020

Sarah Sarofim Awarded Fall Canadian Art Editorial Mentorship

The Toronto-based artist and editor will join us for the 11-week Fall 2020 mentorship

Canadian Art is pleased to announce that Sarah Sarofim has been awarded our Fall 2020 Editorial Mentorship, an 11-week, full-time position intended to develop aspiring writers’ expertise in art-magazine publishing.

Sarah Sarofim is an artist and editor based in Toronto and Cairo. She holds a BA in art history and visual studies from the University of Toronto, where she received the Daniels Faculty Visual Studies Undergraduate Thesis Project Prize in 2020.

Sarofim has held positions at Erin Stump Projects and the Koffler Centre of the Arts. She was a member of the Hart House Acquisitions Subcommittee and has edited for the Journal of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. Recently Sarofim worked on Kan Ya Ma Kan, a series of children’s books about Egypt’s rich history, and Body Language, a blog that encourages open and educational conversations about sexual health, particularly for Egyptian women.

Sarofim’s projects often begin with sociolinguistics, an interest developed from her knowledge of Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Her research-based practice draws from archival images and public space to investigate notions of gaze, erasure and archiving. Recent projects have explored the masculine language in Egyptian pop songs, Orientalist photography in the South West Asia and North African region, and traditional Egyptian craft practices.

Sarofim was shortlisted for the 2020 BMO 1st Art! competition.

Sarofim began the mentorship on September 21, and will be working on the production of the Winter 2021 issue of Canadian Art.


Canadian Art is committed to mentoring the next generation of art writers in Canada. The Canadian Art Editorial Mentorship is a national quarterly program for a current or recent undergraduate, graduate or other post-secondary student with an interest in developing expertise in the realm of professional art-magazine publishing.

Supported by the RBC Foundation. The RBC Foundation is committed to supporting emerging artists and writers from across Canada and is proud to support Canadian Art’s Editorial Mentorship program.