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Marina Abramovic Installation To Have World Debut In Toronto

Today, it was announced that a world premiere installation by Marina Abramović will be featured at Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park as part of the Luminato festival in June.

Conceived as a satellite to her yet-to-be-built Marina Abramović Institute (MAI) in Hudson, New York, MarinaAbramovićInstitute – Prototype is being billed as the largest expression mounted to date of what the artist calls the Marina Abramović Method.

As Abramović told Canadian Art in a 2012 interview, the Marina Abramović Method aims to “teach students how to condition themselves for long-duration performances,” while the institute will also train audiences in how to experience such works.

The MarinaAbramovićInstitute – Prototype installation will consist of seven interconnected pavilions in Trinity Bellwoods Park, where the audience will participate in a series of exercises and experiences based on Abramović’s performance practice. During the performances, which will be ticketed, the pavilions will be open from 7 to 16 hours a day.

Every 30 minutes, four pre-booked participants will be able to join the performance. Participants will wear white lab coats and headphones to disconnect themselves from the outside world for a period of approximately two hours. Instructions will be given over the headphones in a selection of seven different languages. The public’s experiences will also be livestreamed, and each participant will receive a certificate signed by Abramović as a memento of their involvement.

Luminato artistic director Jorn Weisbrodt describes MAI-Prototype as “a two hour experience that draws from her immense body of work, and makes the audience the active part of the work of art.”

Abramović is also co-creator of the theatrical production The Life and Death of Marina Abramović, which will be having its North American premiere at Luminato 2013.

Other art experiences on the Luminato roster, released today, include STOCKPILE, a life-sized rendering of an arcade-style claw machine featuring Canadian artists Dean Baldwin, Brendan Fernandes, Diane Landry, Luanne Martineau, Divya Mehra, Graeme Patterson, Ed Pien, Charles Stankievech, and Mitchell Wiebe as “the claw.” During open hours at Brookfield Place, the public is invited to manipulate the artists into delivering the prize they desire. It is co-curated by Denise Markonish of MASS MoCA, who curated the exhibition “Oh, Canada.”

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sahar says:


How can i book for performance in toronto?


Leah Sandals says:

Hi Sahar, you should get in touch with Luminato at – you may also want to check their ticketing site: – this says tickets go on sale on Saturday ->
Best of luck!

Andrew Harwood says:

OMG the folks at the Illuminati Festival have figured out who Marina Abromovic is LOL – Just wondering how much that is gonna cost? I encourage fags to cruise this park again to subvert this project. Keep Trinity Bellwoods Park Queer. If a Toronto artist wanted to do this project – there would be so much red-tape and misery from the city of Toronto that it would be made impossible to actual do work there.
I can think of many Canadian female performance artists who could use this money and attention. Star fuckers!

AM says:

How do you become a “pre-booked participant”? Where/when/how to sign up?

Leah Sandals says:

Hi AM,

Good question! Last we saw, Luminato is selling tickets at $25 a pop. Here is their ticketing page: – best of luck!

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