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Major Leonard Cohen Exhibition To Debut in Montreal

The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal is organizing a major exhibition on the life, work and influence of Leonard Cohen.

The exhibition “Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything” is due to travel internationally following its premiere in Montreal in 2017.

“Leonard Cohen has filled our collective imagination with thoughts and songs on a number of topics that touch us all as human beings,” Musée director and chief curator John Zeppetelli said in a release. “One of the major themes of Cohen’s work, the imperfection of the human condition, is clearly evoked in the exhibition’s subtitle, A Crack in Everything.”

This multidisciplinary exhibition will include brand-new works commissioned from local and international artists who have been inspired by Cohen’s style and themes.

Film, performance, visual art, music and the written word are all genres to be included in the tribute.

The exhibition is presented as part of Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations, which will take place in fall 2017.

Leonard Cohen is said to be supportive of this project, which will allow the museum to delve deep into his career.

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D. Ouellette says:

All very interesting…especially the Leonard Cohen news. Any chance of getting another Proust questionnaire in the near future?
Thank you.

Leo Kamen says:

Yet another typically stupid curatorial concept.

Dheera Petra Bauer says:

“there is a crack in everything, that`s how the light get`s in” – this beautiful line is so simple, so true. the Leonard Cohen exhibition is very interesting for me. Will it come to Germany? I would love to have it here in the north, in Lübeck. Please let me know the contacts so that I could apply for having it here. Thank you! Dheera Petra Bauer

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