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Feature Art Fair Folds

Montreal’s Association des galeries d’art contemporain (AGAC) announced in a message to members yesterday afternoon that the organization’s Toronto art fair, Feature, would not be returning in 2016.

Founded in 2014, Feature marked a bricks-and-mortar foray into the Toronto art market for AGAC, which also presents the popular Papier art fair in Montreal. Feature ran concurrently with Art Toronto, a larger art fair of longer standing.

Project director Stefan Hancherow helmed the 2015 edition of Feature with ambassadors Jeanne Parkin and Ann and Marshall Webb. The show included 29 exhibiting galleries from across Canada.

AGAC’s release to members explained that Feature is ending due to financial reasons, specifically the Canadian economic downturn, and because AGAC felt that the event had met its goal of being an “opportunity to showcase leading contemporary Canadian art in a unique and innovative environment.”

While the fair will not be returning, AGAC nevertheless plans to maintain a presence within the city.

“We take this opportunity to rethink our presence in Toronto and the new possibilities that await. A think tank, comprised of AGAC members, is already in place,” said Émilie Grandmont-Bérubé, chair of AGAC’s board, in the email.

The plans for this renewed presence aren’t ready to be revealed yet, explained Grandmont-Bérubé to Canadian Art in a phone interview earlier today, but the think tank comprises galleries from across Canada.

While the changes are still in the works, they are imminent. “We will be seeing the results of this this year,” said Grandmont-Bérubé. “We are not sure where [the new form for Feature] will physically be, but we are thinking about the best way for the association to suit the needs of members across the country.

“We have always considered Feature to be a synonym of change, vision, doing something audacious…the vehicle for that doesn’t have to be an art fair.”

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ivan schneider says:

Unfortunately most artists can be conned into paying to exhibit their art. Many very talented artist around the world do not sell well. On line rarely sells art . Being an artist for over 55 years & selling over 1,200 pieces of art through dealers and galleries I still did not make a living for my family. I had to work at many different jobs mostly in the ad business. Time for my art shows my growing family,maybe I should have been a lawyer,dentist NO WAY.! I studied to be an artist & love what I do. Not all my art is good, but I can over paint the canvas. This year I am still in 4 galleries and doing 4 out door shows all to sell my art. How many artists are in the same boat ?
We the artists should start our own curated show,hire the hall even have an amateur section.
We artist will continue & do what has been done for 200 years.
Good luck fellow artists in your future sales.

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