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News / January 9, 2014

Centre A Announces New ED/Curator

An opening at Centre A in Vancouver An opening at Centre A in Vancouver

Vancouver’s Centre A—Canada’s only public gallery dedicated to contemporary Asian visual art practices—has announced the appointment of a new executive director/curator, Tyler Russell.

Most recently, Russell has been known as the founder of North Vancouver’s Café for Contemporary Art, where he curated several exhibitions. According to a Centre A release, Russell also has nearly a decade of experience organizing both community-based and biennale-scale art exhibitions in Korea and Japan.

Noting Vancouver’s unique geo-cultural place in the Asia Pacific, Russell said in the release that under his watch at Centre A “we will see less of an emphasis on conversations about how Asia, a space external to other spaces, is to be defined, and more of a curious inquiry into who, in this era of transpacific exchange, we might become.”

The previous Centre A executive director/curator, Haema Sivanesan, finished up in December and is moving on to an undisclosed position outside of British Columbia.

Leah Sandals

Leah Sandals is a writer and editor based in Toronto. Her arts journalism has appeared in the Toronto Star, National Post and Globe and Mail, among other publications, and her creative work has been published in Prism, Room and Freefall. She can be reached via