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Inside Mary Grisey’s Toronto Studio

Look inside the Toronto studio of artist Mary Grisey, who burns, bleaches and weaves fabric to create intricate textile works. In this studio-visit video by Karly McCloskey, Grisey discusses her move away from painting, which was spurred by her frustration with painting’s rectangular limitations, and relays the best piece of artistic advice she’s ever received.

Originally from San Francisco, Grisey moved to Toronto to pursue her MFA at York University in 2014. She has shown work in Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco and Poughkeepsie.

Her work is currently on view at Typology Projects in Toronto, and she has an upcoming solo exhibition at Xpace Cultural Centre in Toronto.

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Rick Botting says:

I think the best advice is more along the lines of allowing oneself to express what you truly feel about the work no matter how strange or even disturbing that work might be. I am not entirely sure that urgency is so important. I would (not being close at all to Toronto) have enjoyed seeing more of her actual work in the video as it appears to be quite figurative (human) which I enjoy a lot.

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