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Video: Gordon Smith in his Vancouver Home

Vancouver painter Gordon Smith has an incredible house. The building, nestled in West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park, is profiled in a new video created by Ryan Willms, founder of Inventory magazine, for Nowness. In a Canadian Art feature on the veteran artist, who is now 96 years old, Eric Andrew-Gee wrote that, “In 1965, [Arthur] Erickson designed Smith a house in West Vancouver. You arrive in Smith’s driveway, and, at first, you don’t even think, ‘here is a house.’ It has a timeless, even a placeless, quality. Wood beams hover unobtrusively in midair, stained a camouflaging forest green. Whole walls are made of glass. The house is as much lens as it is habitation. As curator Scott Watson puts it to me, ‘The city went from Edwardian values and lifestyles to contemporary ones because of people like Gordon and his wife. They were proselytizers for the modern.’”

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earl w. lehman says:


Anne Pradine says:

I am in awe of someone so dedicated to his art. I feel it sustains you and if you truly enjoy it, it’s not work. Once it feels like work, it’s time to quit. Keep the creative juices flowing! From o e artist to another. I also know Arthur Erickson, an amazing man! Would love to meet you sometime.

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