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Alison Cooley

Bill Burns at the Dunlop Art Gallery
“The Double Bind” Review: Modernism and Postmodernism Find Camaraderie
Krista Belle Stewart Weaves an Alternate History
Art Jobs: Georgia Guenther, Exhibit Artist at the ROM

Art Jobs: Georgia Guenther, Exhibit Artist at the ROM

To explore unconventional career paths in the arts, we speak to Georgia Guenther, the senior exhibit artist at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Scott Rogers Brings Sports Into the Gallery at YYZ
Alison Cooley’s Top 3 of 2014: Performance & Podcasts
Plants & Politics Linked at A Space
Moon Room: Mysteries, Elucidated
Possible Utopias in Winnipeg Feminist Art Symposium
The Role of the Art Critic, Reconsidered
A Rediscovered Curnoe
Ursula Johnson Q&A: Of Craft and Cultural Survival
It’s Elementary: New “Activity Book” Shines Light on Saskatchewan Art
Best Déportation Ever: Mathieu Léger’s Pointed Prizes
Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens on Non-Doing in Art
Nature-Culture Dialogue Dominates MOCCA’s Neo-Baroque Show
10 Vital (And Often Unexpected) Arnaud Maggs Creations
From Calgary to Caen: A DIY Artist Residency
They Made A Day Be A Day Here: Prairie Positive
Materialism Unravels in Janet Morton’s Latest Show
Alison Cooley’s Top 3 of 2013: Points of Hope
Old School is New Again in Artscape’s Latest Revamp
The Haunting of Allyson Mitchell’s Kill Joy’s Kastle
Land|Slide Transforms Historic Village into New-Art Hub
Quebec Artist and Dealer Orgs Sign First Major Agreement
Mass Arrival Art Action Challenges Racism & Refugee Laws
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