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Canadian Art Nominated for Digital Publishing Award

Canadian Art has been nominated for the Digital Publishing Awards, recognizing excellence in the content and creation of Canadian digital publishing.

The nomination is in the Best Short Feature category, and it highlights associate editor Caoimhe Morgan-Feir’s article “The Curious Case of Levine Flexhaug,” originally published on our website on May 25, 2015.

As Morgan-Feir writes,

“The story seems familiar enough: beginning in the 1930s, Levine Flexhaug began roaming across Western Canada, peddling his wares. But Flexhaug was not an average travelling salesman—rather than hawking miracle creams or toasters, Flexhaug dealt in paintings. Or, more aptly, a painting, which he replicated hundreds and hundreds of times. During his career, which stretched beyond two decades, Flexhaug repeatedly produced this landscape scene, a rendering of a tranquil lake framed by mountains.”

To continue reading this article, click here.

Other nominees in the Best Short Feature category include Maclean’s, CBC News, TVO and Hakai Magazine.

The Digital Publishing Awards winners will be announced on June 9 at the Spoke Club in Toronto.

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D Barrett says:

Caoimhe Morgan-Feir has her way with words. Her writing is always fresh, seemingly off the cuff but anything but. Damn…. I wish I could write with such seeming ease and clarity of thought. Congratulations Caoimhe!

Emily Falvey says:


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