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Videos / December 11, 2019

In the Studio with Aaron Jones

“There was a point when I just thought that taking photos didn’t make sense: there were enough images existing,” says the collage artist

Aaron Jones began with a love of the surreal and mutated depictions allowed in painting. After an early period as photographer, he quickly found that collage, as a medium, could offer similar possibilities. Using existing images sourced from magazines and books and encyclopedias, Jones’s amorphous and colourful shapes suggest captivating new characters and narratives.

Jones, a member of the BAU (Black Artist Union) Collective, has presented work at Oakville Galleries, Contact Gallery, Mercer Union and the Art Gallery of Guelph, as well as participated in residencies at Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art and the Nia Centre for the Arts.

In this video Jones brings Canadian Art into his temporary studio at The Jimmy James Evans Friendly Meeting Place and Centre for the Arts in Toronto, and talks about the development of his practice.

Yaniya Lee

Yaniya Lee is a writer interested in collective practice and the ethics of aesthetics. She is a PhD student in Gender Studies at Queen's University.

Brittany Shepherd

Brittany Shepherd is an artist and videographer based in Toronto.