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News / August 15, 2017

Introducing Our New Associate Editor, Yaniya Lee

Her work has appeared in C Magazine, the FADER and NOW Magazine.
Photo: Yuula Benivolski. Photo: Yuula Benivolski.

Canadian Art is delighted to announce that Yaniya Lee is our new associate editor.

Yaniya Lee is a Toronto-based writer and scholar. Her interdisciplinary research draws on Black studies to question critical-reading practices and reconsider Canadian art histories. She has an interest in community organizing and collective practice.

Lee is a founding collective member of MICE Magazine and a new member of the EMILIA-AMALIA working group. She was previously on the editorial advisory committees for C Magazine and FUSE. Her writing has appeared in the FADER, NOW Magazine, C Magazine, Magenta Magazine and Adult. She has two chapbooks: Troubled (2014) and In Different Situations Different Behaviour will Produce Different Results (2013). She has also written exhibition texts for Walter Scott and Laurie Kang, and about the artists practices of Tau Lewis, Divya Mehra and Hannah Black.

This summer, Lee participated in the Banff Research in Culture: Year 2067 residency.

From 2012–15, Lee hosted Art Talks MTL, a series of long-form interviews with Montreal art workers, among them Dana Michel, Hajra Waheed and Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre. In 2016, she programmed “Labour, Land, and Body: geographies of de/colonialism” for Vtape’s Curatorial Incubator. Last fall, with members of the 4:3 Collective, she organized the MICE Symposium on Transformative Justice in the Arts. In 2015, her catalogue essay “Radical Love: Hearing Masha Tupitsyn’s Love Sounds” was published by Penny-Ante Editions.

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