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Winter 2018
Winter 2018: Acts of Care

Available on newsstands from December 15, 2017, to March 14, 2018


Living with Crisis
Art, anxiety and vulnerability
by Saelan Twerdy
Access Revived 
A new model of support
by Carmen Papalia
The Pick-Up Artist
Counsel and complicity in anonymous online realms
by Heather White
Settler Structures of Bad Feeling
Three Indigenous artists on contamination and colonialism
by Billy-Ray Belcourt

Artist Project
Four Winds
by Geoffrey Pugen

Getting to Work by Getting Away
Artist residencies as retreats

by Naomi Skwarna
Strategies of wellness in the work of 10 emerging artists
by Amber Berson
Generously supported by RBC 
Smashing the mirror to call our bodies home
by Lacie Burning and Lindsay Nixon
Coming through Grief
Art that eulogizes is an act of survival
by Kelli Korducki
The Sound of Science
Experiments with sand and noise bordering on the divine
by Tom Jokinen

This Issue

Letter to the Editors


Upcoming openings, events, performances and more


The Goddess Care 
by Anne Boyer


Paint it Black, You Angels 
by Lynn Crosbie


The Great White Plague
by Rosie Prata

School Guide

Cultures of Care


Recent exhibitions, books, films and more


Forms of Repair 
by Kader Attia

Winter 2018: Acts of Care