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Prairie Sky

Prairie Sky, a.k.a. Manidoo-gwiiwizens, or Levi A. Foy, is one of Winnipeg’s most recognized drag queens. She is a member of Couchiching First Nation and has called Treaty 1 Territory her home since 2014. Since then, she has been instrumental in the creation of several unique projects. Through her involvement with the Like That @ Sunshine House bunch, she helped create Read by Queens program and a very unforgettable bi-monthly Queer Bingo, which both became prominent staples of Winnipeg’s queer tapestry. She is also the drag curator for Synonym Art Consultation collective, and has her claws in everything drag-related that they do, from Drag Brunch to the Wall-to-Wall mural festival. Lately, she has dedicated a lot of energy to the formation of the drag group The Bannock Babes. Prairie has won several awards for community service, and was recognized as one of CBC Manitoba’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2019. She was featured on season one of Canada’s a Drag and in numerous articles and documentaries. She has a penchant for gowns, jewellery, gin, cigarettes and the f-word. You can catch her at Club 200 most weekends of the year.  
The Birth of The Bannock Babes and a Drag Community

The Birth of The Bannock Babes and a Drag Community

Five members of the Winnipeg-based drag collective The Bannock Babes, have a chat on the significance of building a community on the Prairies and reveal the power behind Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer performance