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Leah Schulli

Leah Schulli is an Alberta-born, Toronto-based installation artist, curator and writer with a BFA in print media from Concordia University. Schulli explores consumer and brand culture and its distribution and circulation of desire in a variety of social platforms. Her sculptural works combine humour and material presence with criticality. The line between the young, socially conscious consumer and the inherently capitalist nature of online self-promotion/trends is often brought into question. She uses her knowledge of the cultural zeitgeist as well as her penchant for art criticism as the co-host of the podcast High T, which she also co-produces.
Chroma Launch: High T Podcast x Canadian Art

Chroma Launch: High T Podcast x Canadian Art

In this special episode of High T, co-hosts Madelyne Beckles and Leah Schulli are joined by Chroma issue Spotlight artist Kiera Boult