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Anita Stallion

Anita Stallion, who is Métis and originally from Duck Bay, Manitoba, has been gracing stages throughout Canada and the United States for more than 20 years. She’s reigned as Miss Club 200 in Winnipeg, and then became the first sole monarch of the Imperial Court of Winnipeg and All of Manitoba, later going on to being appointed to the International Court Council under its founder, the late Jose Saria, where she served for three years. Anita then served a second reign as Empress 8. She’s Club 200’s Matriarch, but can be found hosting events around the city. If you get a chance to meet her, she’s a fun gal who loves to sit and share stories with others over a beverage.
The Birth of The Bannock Babes and a Drag Community

The Birth of The Bannock Babes and a Drag Community

Five members of the Winnipeg-based drag collective The Bannock Babes, have a chat on the significance of building a community on the Prairies and reveal the power behind Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer performance