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Ottawa School of Art

Main Campus

35 George Street

Ottawa, Ontario

Undergraduate Programs

Number of Faculty


The one-year, full time Portfolio Certificate Program (30 credits) is ideal for students who need to develop and expand their present body of work, in preparation for application to university, college, art school or the OSA Fine Arts Diploma Program. This intensive course of study allows for a high degree of interaction with working professional artists in a studio setting.
All courses are given in the day in weekly three-hour sessions. These are either morning or afternoon classes. The instructor provides basic information and guides the technical and aesthetic progress of each student. Serious students, who apply themselves to this full time course of study, benefit from a varied and confident portfolio.
Students who have successfully completed their Portfolio Program year have, in many cases, qualified for the equivalent of full or partial first year equivalent at the Ontario College of Art and Design, the University of Lethbridge, Mount Allison University, and the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

International Students are accepted for full time studies. Learn more

Graduate Programs

The Fine Arts Diploma is an intensive three-year course of study in the visual arts with an emphasis on practical studio experience. The developmental structure provides access to the general study of various studio areas (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and ceramics) while including sufficient opportunity to pursue a particular studio concentration. Courses are structured to provide access to foundation study in a variety of studio areas while allowing second year diploma students the opportunity to pursue particular studio concentrations. Studio courses reinforce the mind’s relationship to the hand and the eye.