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Agenda / September 04–January 06, 2019

Resplendent Illuminations

Simon Bening (1483-1561), Leaf from a Book of Hours: Saint Sebald of Nuremberg, about 1515-1525. MMFA, purchase, Horsley and Annie Townsend Bequest. Photo: MMFA, Christine Guest.
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

1380 Sherbrooke Street West

Montreal, Quebec


September 04–January 06, 2019


Brenda Dunn-Lardeau, Hilliard T. Goldfarb and Richard Virr

Presenting for the first time the remarkable Books of Hours conserved in 7 Quebec collections, “Resplendent Illuminations” is a unique opportunity to admire some 50 works primarily from illuminated manuscripts—a priceless legacy of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe.

Editors' Comment

Gothic and Renaissance illuminations from France, the Southern Netherlands, Italy and Southern Germany, as well as other contemporaneous expressions of popular piety, are lined up on view in this exhibition.