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Agenda / February 02–May 05, 2019
Editors' Pick

Of Tobacco and Sweetgrass: Where Our Dreams Are

Eruoma Awashish, Jacques Newashish, Catherine Boivin, Terry Randy Awashish, Christine Sioui Wawanoloath, Hannah Claus, Sonia Robertson, Caroline Monnet, Ludovic Boney
Ludovic Boney et Caroline Monnet, Hydro, 2016. Multimedia installation, 72 × 96 in. © National Film Board of Canada.
Musée d'art de Joliette

145 rue du Père-Wilfrid-Corbeil

Joliette, Quebec


February 02–May 05, 2019


Guy Sioui Durand

This season, a group of contemporary indigenous artworks will warm the museum’s interior. Their shapes inspire wonderment, evoke aromas of tobacco and sweetgrass, reveal a colourful visual spirit, make enchanting sounds. Their imagery-rich stories speak of Nitaskinan, the land.