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Agenda / August 11–September 01, 2018
Editors' Pick

Hot Culture

​Indigiarts, Nadia Myre, Nico Williams, Catherine Blackburn, Amy Malbeuf, Caroline Monnet, Lita Fontaine, Sage Paul, Helen Oro, Joi T. Arcand
Joi T. Arcand , <em>It's Asinabka time, folks!</em> ,2018, graphic print Joi T. Arcand , It's Asinabka time, folks! ,2018, graphic print
Gallery 101

280 Catherine Street

Ottawa, Ontario


August 11–September 01, 2018


Christopher Wong, Howard Adler

Gallery 101 in partnership with ASINABKA proudly presents “Hot Culture,” an art show focused on Indigenous made fashion, textile and crafts, bringing together designers and creators working with traditional and contemporary materials.


Opening: August 11, 2-5pm

For more info please visit:

Editors' Comment

In partnership with the Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival, Gallery 101 presents an exhibition component of the ASINABKA festival annually and disseminates many more embodied, relational, collaborative, performative and object-based art practices that offer resistance to mainstream cultural events. Definitely a must-see!