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Agenda / May 12–September 03, 2018

Future Possible: Art of Newfoundland & Labrador to 1949

Alexander Young Jackson, Rockwell Kent, Robert Pilot, Maurice Cullen, Shanawdithit, Helen Parsons Shepherd, Rebecca Belmore, Mary Ann Penashue, Michael Pittman and more.
Jordan Bennet, <em>tamiow tle’owin</em>, 2016. Jordan Bennet, tamiow tle’owin, 2016.
The Rooms

9 Bonaventure Avenue

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador


May 12–September 03, 2018


Mireille Eagan

“For the most part, Newfoundland has left the painting of her rugged landscape to outsiders and to amateurs,” Robert Ayre wrote in 1949. Curator Mireille Eagan attempts a remedy in this two-part exhibition.