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Agenda / March 09–June 09, 2019


Sonny Assu, Aganetha Dyck, Teresa Marshall, Ken Lum, Robert Therrien, Luanne Martineau, Patrick Traer, Renee van Halm, Holly Ward, Tim Paul, Myfanwy MacLeod and others
Eaton Triplets Aganetha Dyck, Eaton Triplets, 1976–81. Wool, textile. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of Peter Dyck. Photo: Tomas Svab, Vancouver Art Gallery.
Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby Street

Vancouver, British Columbia


March 09–June 09, 2019


Bruce Grenville, Senior Curator

See contemporary works from the Vancouver Art Gallery Collection that use “displacement” as a tool to elicit viewer reactions ranging from empathy and understanding, to the unexpected and disruptive.