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Agenda / February 13–March 29, 2020
Editors' Pick

A Big Heritage with A Glorious Past

Eleana Antonaki, Marina Xenofontos
Marina Xenofontos, Sunlight Vandalism, 13:10min, single channel video, 2019. Marina Xenofontos, Sunlight Vandalism, 2019. Single channel video. 13:10 min.
Critical Distance

180 Shaw Street, Suite 302

Toronto, Ontario


February 13–March 29, 2020


ma ma (Heather Rigg and Magdalyn Asimakis)

“A Big Heritage with A Glorious Past” presents an inconclusive dialogue around the migratory experience. Both artists explore transnational feminist perspectives, honing in on the adversities of migration and strategies of settling and creating homes while in exile.