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Winter 2017
Winter 2017: Futures

Available on newsstands from December 15, 2016 to March 14, 2017


A Picture of Health
Thinking of the hospital as a museum
by Katie Heindl
New Ground
Indigenous artists map psychic geographies
by Julie Nagam
The Stars Down to Earth
For Margaret Haines, Los Angeles is a universe studded with stars, gods and prophets
by Fiona Alison Duncan
Tilt Shift
3-D virtual painting with Google’s Tilt Brush
by Margaux Williamson
Crypts of Civilization
What do time-capsule artworks reveal about our present?
by Bryne McLaughlin
O Fortuna
Eight artists pull tarot cards from their personal decks to predict the future of art
Come Close, Go Away
Instagram’s zoom-in feature allows closeness that verges on voyeurism
by Naomi Skwarna
A new online manifesto reconfigures gender, the Internet and the political left
by Merray Gerges
Outside the Box
Olivia Mc Gilchrist breaks the colonial gaze through virtual reality
by Chris Hampton
Quantified Self
The poetic outcome of tracking emotions on an app
by Erdem Taşdelen
A survey of artists with forward-thinking practices
by Rea McNamara
Generously supported by RBC
On Being Unlikeable
Reading the future of trans narratives
by Kai Cheng Thom
Hashtagification and Museum Personhood
Why being a User can make you feel used
by Dorothy Howard
The Footprint of Art
Assessing the surprising environmental impact of creative industries
by David Balzer


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School Guide: Creative Futures


Everything Happens So Much
by Alexandra Molotkow


The First Stage of Our Loss Paralysis Mitigation Program
by Stephen Thomas


Vera Frenkel: String Games 
by Simon Lewsen


Recent exhibitions, books, films and more


Perpetual Calendar 2016–2116
by Maggie Groat and Jimmy Limit

Winter 2017: Futures