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Winter 2007
Winter 2007

On newsstands December 15, 2007 to March 14, 2008 - Volume 24, Number 4


Picture Maker The Toronto artist Stephen Andrews taps into the power of process, portraiture and “embracing the given” by Alexander Nagel Interview: The Road to documenta Luis Jacob and Keith Cole spill the beans on their moment in the spotlight in Kassel last summer by R.M. Vaughan Always Working Kelly Mark updates conceptualism for the TV generation by Rosemary Heather Letter from Toronto Toronto's unique post-war intellectual heritage finds expression in the work of Ydessa Hendeles by John Bentley Mays Cross-Country Arts professionals from coast to coast tell us what they love and hate about Toronto and its art by Leah Sandals


Sponsored by The Fraser Elliot Foundation in memory of Betty Ann Elliot Toronto Now From painters and photographers to philanthropists, writers and curators—portraits of the Toronto art community


Group portrait with art scene by Richard Rhodes


A Canada-wide guide to the season's best exhibitions

In Print

Books on the visual arts

Canadian Art International

Mark Wallinger by David Gleeson Deimantas Narkevičius by Steven Matijcio Geoffrey Farmer by Mark Clintberg Amar Kanwar by Christina Bagatavicius Neo Rauch by John Kissick Simon Dybbroe Møller by Wojciech Olejnik Antony Gormley by Emily Vey Duke

In Review

Francisco Castro by Gary Michael Dault Catherine Widgery by Donald Brackett Aidan Urquhart by Amy Karlinsky Bryan Ryley by Liz Wylie Carlo Cesta by John Massier Carol Wainio by E.C. Woodley Eric Simon by David Elliott Anthem by Heather Anderson Eldon Garnet by Linda Steer Kent Monkman by Debra Antoncic Paul P. by Bill Clarke Cover: Stephen Andrews, Parenthesis (No Gold) (right side), 1996, 2 silkscreen prints on gut, 1.52 x 1.21 m each, installed 4.57 m apart
Winter 2007