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Winter 1999
Winter 1999

On newsstands December 15, 1999 to March 14, 2000

Volume 16, Number 4


Because I'm not particularly a traveller Napoleon Brousseau has gone a long way to come home to Toronto by Gary Michael Dault Krieghoff, Cornelius: Stereo Canada One of Canada's foremost sculptors honours an early painter by Jerry Pethick Big City Gallery What happens when you pull the rug out from under a success story? by Val Ross Good and Far A new biennale in Australia is giving Sydney a run for the money by Eileen Sommerman A Believer Father Daniel Donovan collects contemporary art for a reason by Barbara Steinman


Sponsored by the Fraser Elliott Foundation Massimo Guerrera by David Liss


Chris Cran by Roald Nasgaard
Canadian Art
Stephen Lack

Fast Forward

A Canada-wide guide to the season's best exhibitions


Auctions and interviews with auctioneers across the country

Gutenberg Galaxy

Books for the holiday season


War Zones by Christopher Bradshaw Sharon Switzer by Corinna Ghaznavi Harold Klunder by Gary Michael Dault Clint Griffin by Gillian MacKay Attila Richard Lukacs by Michael Scott Marc Séguin by Bernard Lamarche Cora Cluett/Paul Dignan by Ray Cronin Self Portrait by Elizabeth Legge Taffi Rosen by Peter Goddard Claus Carstensen by Judith Mastai


Le Mois de la Photo by John Massier Cover: Cornelius Krieghoff, Self Portrait  1855 (detail), oil on canvas  28.8 x 24.8 cm, courtesy National Gallery of Canada © NGC.
Winter 1999