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Winter 1991
Winter 1991

On newsstands December 15, 1991 to March 14, 1992

Volume 8, Number 4


Disobeying Order Facing hundreds of years of painting's history, Joanne Tod is acting up By Bruce Grenville Homeship/Faux Terrain Gary Dufour makes contact with Gary Pethick's latest creation I Knit, Therefore I Am German artist Rosemarie Trockel gives an ironic twist to the notion of women's work By Nancy Spector History and Real People Curator Rosemary Donegan challenges the way exhibitions, and history, are experienced Interview by Nancy Tousley


Chris Columbus Go Home The native/white dynamic is redefined in Black Robe and Clearcut By Jay Scott The Postmodern Catechism Why art criticism is so hard to read By Walter Klepac

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada guide to exhibitions and events in the arts


International Exhibitions Places with a Past: New Site-Specific Art in Charleston By Bruce Ferguson Passage de l'image By Regina Cornwell Exhibitions in Canada Montreal: Les Cents jour d'art contemporain By George Bogardi Kingston: Sarindar Dhaliwal By Gillian MacKay Calgary: Alan Dunning By Nancy Tousley Halifax: Nancy Edell By Cliff Eyland Toronto: Regan Morris By Betty Ann Jordan Toronto: André Kertész By Murray Pomerance Saskatoon: Patrick Traer By Bruce Grenville Books Jeanne Randolphe's Psychoanalysis and Synchronized Swimming By Susan Walker     Cover: Joanne Tod, Disobeying Order, 1991, Oil on canvas, Four panels, overall dimensions: 10.2 x 9.7 ft. Photo: Jim Jardine. Courtesy: Carmen Lamanna Gallery.
Winter 1991