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Winter 1990
Winter 1990

On newsstands December 15, 1990 to March 14, 1991

Volume 7, Number 4
Special Edition Visions of Our Endangered Planet: Water, Earth & Air Editor's Letter Jocelyn Laurence


Creatures Of The World, 1987 Marion Tuu'Luuq Fin de Siècle, 1990 General Idea Late Nature, 1990 John Abrams Beached Whale, Holyrood Pond, July, 1988 Thaddeus Howlonia Cape Freels, 1984 David Blackwood Anchor, 1983 Bridget Corkery Light Industrial, 1986 Eldon Garnet Two Sinks With 'Fossils', 1990 (Detail) John McEwen The Drain, 1989 Jeff Wall Untitled, 1989 Dominique Blain Ancestor for Forest Models Of The Universe, 1988 Janis Bowley & Oliver Kellhammer No Trespassing, 1990 Cees Van Gemerden


Visions, 1987 Martine Gaudet Kerry, Princeton, B.C., 1988 Lorraine Gilbert The Potato Eaters, 1990 Noel Harding Ranch: Small Corral In Snow, 1983–84 Alan Wood Salt Shed Interior, 1988 Christopher Pratt Alchemical Animal, 1986 John Francis Excerpt from: The Geography Of Hope, 1988 Andy Fabo Birch Hive (Exterior), 1990 Fastwürms And When Your Streets Are Empty, 1978–79 Ron Benner Kiss This Goodbye, 1984 Joanne Tod Abandoned Mine Shaft, Crean Hill Mine, Sudbury, Ontario, 1985 Ed Burtynsky No Title, 1987 Reinhard Reitzenstein From The Sacrificial Ornamental Entablature Series, 1989 Spring Hurlbut Boy In A Field – J's World, 1985 John Clark The Basics, 1987 Mendelson Joe Great Canadian Landscape, 1988 Terry Graff Side Garden With Castle, Mr. And Mrs. Kantor, 1988 Brenda Pelkey ReaLemon, 1989 Environmental Produce (Jamie Osborne & Andrew Owen) Exhibition Hall Lynne Cohen A Re-invented Object, 1988–89 Gerard Pas


Stormfront, 1989 Shirley Wiitasalo From The Loon Age To The Moon Age, 1981 Brent Roe There Are 10 Ships And 2 Warships In English Bay (Hedge And Cloud Series), 1989 Gathie Falk Security Blanket, 1986–88 Barbara Todd Safe Disposal, 1989 Mary Pratt Turncoat, Part Two, 1989 Stephen Cruise The Spectators, 1987 Medrie MacPhee Entre Ciel et Terre, 1989 Sylvie Bouchard Rock Climbers Meet With Naturalist On The Residential Parkade, 1989 Eleanor Bond Away From Darlington Nuclear Power Plant, 1989 from Cutline, 1989 Robert Wiens
Winter 1990