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Winter 1989
Winter 1989

On newsstands December 15, 1989 to March 14, 1990

Volume 6, Number 4


Self-Portrait With an Assist Canadian Art portfolio by Andrew Danson Jiri Ladocha: Interventions By Gary Michael Dault Enigmatic/Emblematic The internal logic of Judith Schwartz's sculpture By Christopher Dewdney Spatial Delivery The architectural discourse of Margaret Priest By Gary Michael Dault Forging Ahead Contemporary furniture shows its metal By Adele Freedman Deal Her In Montreal's Brenda Wallace opens her first gallery By Stephen Geoffrey

The Object

Nostalgia for the future: tomorrow is 50 years old By Gary Michael Dault

The Female Gaze

Changing directions: a new perspective on Native women's art By Susan Crean

The Screen

Appearances to the contrary: the commodification of distortion By John Scott

The Revolver

Photography: after 150 years do we come to praise or bury it? By Geoffrey James

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada checkup of people and events in the arts Compiled by Sarah Milroy


Shelagh Alexander By Donna Lypchuk Liliana Berezowsky By Renee Baert Holly King By Francine Dagenais William MacDonnell By Nancy Tousley John Clark: 1943–1989 By Nancy Tousley


to artists and galleries, listed by artist or institution   Cover: Michael Snow, Self-Portrait, 1989. Produced by Andrew Danson
Winter 1989