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Winter 1988
Winter 1988

On newsstands December 15, 1988 to March 14, 1989

Volume 5, Number 4


Time Frames Eldon Garnet monitors Everyman's private journey through contemporary history By Donna Lypchuk Tunnel of Light A Canadian Art portfolio by Angela Grauerholz Text by Chantal Pontbriand Savage Pencils Artists who'll drop-kick your sensibility through the goal posts of good taste By Gary Michael Dault The Favourite Game Four architects show how their passions can make it happen Joanne Tod Four characteristic works and some necessary queries By Robert Mycroft

The Female Gaze

Emily Carr and Georgia O'Keefe: painting women's vision of nature By Susan Crean

The Object

One step back and two steps up: neoprimitivism and the future By Gary Michael Dault

The Screen

Reel sex and death: the triumph of mindlessness over matter By John Scott

The Revolver

Public art in private gardens: the aesthetics of the lawn By Carole Corbeil

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada checkup of people and events in the arts Compiled by Sarah Milroy


Sheila Butler By Meeka Walsh Lynne Cohen By Geoffrey James Janet Cardiff By Jerry McGrath Stephen Andrews By Oliver Girling Barbara Steinman By Renee Baert Suzanne Funnell By Heather Laskey John Koerner By Maria Tippett


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A night at the opening By Linda Genereux   Cover: Eldon Garnet, Bronze No. 1 (1988). Actual size
Winter 1988