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Summer 2011
Summer 2011

On newsstands June 15 to September 14, 2011


Modern Man An Te Liu and the space between idea and object by John Bentley Mays Web extra: Functional Aesthetics The Master Builder Kathleen Bartels reinvigorates the Vancouver Art Gallery by Hadani Ditmars Boy Trouble Steven Shearer bends gender in Venice by Sarah Milroy Questions of Framing Luis Jacob and the archives of art making by David Balzer Web extra: Reality Effect The Book Lover Gareth Long on books and art by Alissa Firth-Eagland Gilded Age Paul P. and the perfume of the past by Joseph R. Wolin Web extra: Ages of Innocence Turning Point Plug In ICA has a new showcase for art by Trevor Boddy Diaries of Place Jason McLean, artistic locavore by Bill Clarke


What's happening from coast to coast


A national and international roundup of the season's best exhibitions


Recent art books and catalogues


Restorart Inc.: Cser's Domain by Noah Richler


Catherine Crowston: Partner in Art by Amy Fung


Sky Glabush by Sky Goodden Roy Arden by Andrew Witt Barbara Balfour by Patrick Mahon “Un-home-ly” by Sholem Krishtalka Beth Stuart by Katie Bethune-Leamen Kelly Richardson by Shannon Anderson Ceal Floyer by Chloé Roubert Pascal Grandmaison by Bernard Schütze “The Last Frontier” by Laura Kenins


Stan Douglas by Jon Davies
Summer 2011