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Summer 2013
Summer 2013

One newsstands June 15, 2013


Surface Matters Shannon Bool brings ornament into the 21st century by Sara Angel Web Extra: How Shannon Bool Makes Surfaces Speak Pushing Forward Mark Igloliorte and the observational life by David Balzer The Mermaid's Cave Shary Boyle takes on the Canada Pavilion at the Venice Biennale by Murray Whyte Web Extra: Canadian Art In Venice: Our Spotlight On The Biennale Planet Water Edward Burtynsky embarks on a new film partnership by Daniel Baird Packed A curatorial project by Andrea Lacalamita The New Old Abstraction Contemporary Canadian painters look back to earlier examples by Adam Lauder Web Extra: The Case For A New Canadian Modernism  


Recent art books and catalogues


Jörn Weisbrodt: Ringmaster by David Balzer


Galerie René Blouin: Downtown Developers by Bryne McLaughlin


James Wilson Morrice: Venice at the Golden Hour by Dennis Reid


“The News From Here” by Tatiana Mellema Karen Kraven by Saelan Twerdy Jimmy Limit by Harry H. Cornelius “A Very Long Engagement” by Lizzy Hill Robert Youds by Gary Michael Dault Elisabeth Belliveau by Sandra Fraser


A People and a Place by Isa Tousignant  
Summer 2013