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Summer 2004
Summer 2004

On newsstands June 15 to September 14, 2004

Volume 21, Number 2


Fun Fur Feminism Toronto artist and activist Allyson Mitchell takes touchable art into risky territory by Sally McKay National Capital An artist's project: Toronto photographer Toni Hafkenscheid pictures Ottawa in winter Just Kidding Kyla Mallett and the fine art of teenage note-passing by Myfanwy MacLeod A Photographer in the Garden A project by Vancouver artist Scott McFarland on the botanical origins of photography

Top Collectors

Joe Friday: Just the Facts Meet the Ottawa lawyer and collector who has charmed the contemporary Canadian art world by Deborah Campbell

First Person

Harder Times, Tougher Spaces by Vera Frenkel


Sponsored by The Fraser Elliot Foundation in memory of Betty Ann Elliot Eric Glavin by Laurel MacMillan

Canadian Art

B.C. Binning

Fast Forward

A Canada-wide guide to the season's best exhibitions

Gutenberg Galaxy

Books on the visual arts

Canadian Art International

Christoph Morlinghaus by Randy D. Gladman Christian Marclay by Ben Portis Yinka Shonibare by David Gleeson


Brian Jungen by Bryne McLaughlin David Claerbout by John R. Gayer Gary Spearin by Peter Dykhuis Sven Påhlsson by Andrea Carson Stacey Lancaster by Lorissa Sengara Angela Leach by Corinna Ghaznavi Arthur Renwick by Deborah Root Ron Terada by Gregory Elgstrand Theodore Wan by Sean Flinn Three Generations by Sky Glabush Peter Von Tiesenhausen by John Bentley Mays Lecture Notes by Leah Sandals Recollect by Jake Moore Republic of Love by Corin Sworn Nicole Collins by Virigina M. Eichhorn Paul Bureau by Mark Lanctôt Scott Lyall by Xandra Eden Silver: Dreams, Screens, and Theories by Allan Antliff What It Feels Like For a Girl by Tara Marshall Jennifer Gordon by Gary Michael Dault Cover: Allyson Mitchell, Mariko & Lisa, 2003, fun fur on faux wood paneling, 1.17 m diameter
Summer 2004