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Summer 1999
Summer 1999

On newsstands June 15 to September 14, 1999

Volume 16, Number 2


Medrie MacPhee an interview by Robin Laurence The Museum as Muse Amused New York's MOMA takes a crack at a familiar exhibition theme by Roald Nasgaard Excerpts from a Description of Tom Dean Who had already done the same thing for the universe by Gerald Hannon


The Venice Biennale and an interview with curator Jessica Bradley


Sponsored by the Fraser Elliott Foundation Nestor Kruger by John Massier


The Photographs of Ken Straiton by Robert Fulford

Canadian Art

Jennifer Walton

Fast Forward

A Canada-wide guide to the season's best exhibitions


Crime and Punishment by Kyo Maclear DeBellevue and Ross by Carol Peaker Arnaud Maggs by Catherine Osborne Cathy Daley by Nancy Tousley Richard Stipl by Corinna Ghaznavi Rebecca Belmore by Marie Leduc Euan Macdonald by Gregory Salzman Claude Cahun by Darryl Hill Douglas Walker by Marnie Fleming Regan Morris by Gary Michael Dault Mowry Baden by Joan Richardson Suzy Lake by Deborah Davis


Felix, June 5, 1994 by AA Bronson Cover: Tom Dean, Monday, March 8, 1999 (my broken heart) (detail), 1999; ink on printed newsprint; produced with generous assistance from The Globe & Mail; photo Carlo Catenazzi; courtesy Art Gallery of Ontario.
Summer 1999