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Summer 1997
Summer 1997

On newsstands June 15 to September 14, 1997

Volume 14, Number 2


At Home with Attila Living in new York after a decade in Berlin, painter Attila Richard Lukacs is about to launch his Millennium Project by Gerald Hannon The Sleeper: Rodney Graham in Venice With spiral visions, secret texts and subverted systems, Vancouver's Rodney Graham has parlayed the quiet rigour of his art into an international reputation by Peggy Gale Gold Coast Filmmakers, photographers, sculptors and painters have settled the shores of Cape Breton's Inverness County by Robin Metcalfe

Contemporary Classic

Al McWilliams by Robin Laurence


Sponsored by The Fraser Elliot Foundation Damian Moppett by Nancy Tousley

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada guide to the season's best exhibitions and events in the visual arts


Laura Baird by Robin Peck Alan Belcher by Jonathan Goodman Of Mudlarkers and Measures by Jennifer Rudder Christian Eckhart by Gregory Salzman Barbara Steinman by Reesa Greenberg Yam Lau by Gordon Lebredt Architectural Journeys by Michael Mitchell Gary Neill Kennedy by James Graham Studio View by Zoë Curnoe Cover: Rodney Graham, Halcion Sleep, 1994, Video projection—3-beam colour projector, laser-disc player, laser-disc, projection screen, Photo: Stephen White, London, Private collection, London, Courtesy Lisson Gallery London Limited
Summer 1997